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Recently, there is an increasing awareness of the importance of proper planning for tree work and management.

At Special Branch we can carry out visual inspections and provide general advice and strategy for the management of your trees or woodland. However, to augment this, and as technology has advanced and become increasingly portable, we can also offer Picus Sonic Tomographing. This allows the condition of the tree to be confirmed, by detecting decay and cavities within the structure of the tree. This information is collated following the survey to allow sound and informed decisions to be made regarding whether or not to retain or remove suspect trees.

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Why use
a professional arborist? Here's why.

A tree surgeon is a qualified practitioner who has the knowledge, skills and specialist equipment to treat dying, damaged or decaying trees. because this often involves work at height with chainsaws and in potentially dangerous situations, we recommend that you seek professional advice.

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What our clients say

"Thank you, Mark, for a job well done. I should have done it years ago but your calm and professional approach has given me a new found delight in my garden."

Mr James / Fife.

"Special Branch are true professionals: from the thorough site visit discussing the relevant options to the speed and efficiency of the job itself, which was incredibly neat. Leaving the site totally debris free was an unexpected bonus."

Mrs Dodson / Balmullo, Fife.

"I am very grateful for all the hard work you and Pete put in, in taming the borders into a neat hedge. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others."

Mrs Lindsay, Fife

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